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Welcome to the Big Blue Box Shop, the largest supply of packing goods available in Far North Queensland

Visit The Big Blue Box Shop located at Smithfield to browse our wide range of packing and moving house products available for purchase. Our Edmonton storage facility has standard packing boxes and tape available, but if you require specialty products from our sister store, contact either location to organise collecting items from a location most convenient to you.

Safely pack computer monitors, mirrors and specialty clothing with our unique packing products
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Tea Chest Moving Boxes

Short Description #1 Moving Box Dimensions Length 431 mm Width 406 mm Height 596 mm Volume 0.1 m 3 Weight 1.25 Kg.

It's twin cushion box provides excellent protection for breakable and bulky items. Easily stacks into storage units and containers. Plus ask about component boxes that fit snugly into this box.

Also available Layer Pads to create structure within the box. The most versatile box. All household items including small appliances.

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Book/Wine Box Moving Boxes

Short Description Everyday box for packing books and wine bottles Dimensions Length 406 mm Width 298 mm Height 431 mm Weight 0.60 Kg

Use to pack non breakable items such as books, games and toys. Wrap wine bottles in paper or bubble and stand upright.

For the ultimate wine protection, use with polystyrene wine insert (STYI/STYINS) Books, Wine Bottles, CD's/DVD's, Games and other Non Breakable items.

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Small Cube Box 300mm Moving Boxes

Short Description Robust single layer cardboard. Ideal for packing and shipping within Australia and overseas Dimensions Length 300 mm Width 300 mm Height 300 mm Volume 0.03 m 3 Weight 0.35 Kg

Ideal for CD's and Small Items. Perfect sized distribution box. Features manufactured crease lines at regular intervals for easy slit and fold down to make a shorter box.

Use with foam chip filling or bubble wrap to decrease weight during shipping. Also good for CDs, DVDs, Computer Components and Cables

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Medium Cube Box - 500mm Packing Box

Strong twin cushion multipurpose box Dimensions Length 500 mm Width 500 mm Height 500 mm Volume 0.13 m 3 Weight 1.45 Kg

Use to pack computer monitors, large ornaments or electrical goods. Features manufactured crease lines at regular intervals for easy slit and fold down to make a smaller box. The great all rounder - except it's square! The double layer walls provide protection for a large range of household and industrial items including fragile or bulky items.

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Large Cube Box - 625mm Packing Box

Super Strong and Super Large Cube Box Dimensions Length 0.6250 m Width 0.6250 m Height 0.6250 m Volume 0.24 m 3 Weight 2.30 Kg

Twin cushion multipurpose box. Boxes are creased at regular intervals for easy slit and fold down to make smaller boxes. Ideal for computer monitors, televisions, lampshades and large ornaments. The big strong box. Double layer provides cushioning and protection for precious items such as lampshades.

But box is strong enough for large bulky items such as ornaments or small furniture.

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Picture/Mirror Box Moving Box

Durable single layer cardboard. Ideal for small and medium sized pictures, mirrors, paintings or table tops. Dimensions Length 1.0400 m Width 0.0750 m Height 0.7750 m Volume 0.06 m 3 Weight 1.05 Kg

Clearly labelled as fragile item box. For ultimate protection wrap pictures first in paper, bubble or other protective packaging.

Pictures, Canvases, Mirrors, Glass tabletops

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Port A Robe Moving Box

Short Description Use with a hang rail (H) to transfer clothes direct from cupboard to box Dimensions Length 595 mm Width 476 mm Height 1099 mm Volume 0.311259 m 3 Weight 3.15 Kg

Sturdy twin cushion cardboard to support hanging clothes.

Packing your wardrobe has never been easier. No folding of clothes necessary, just hang them directly onto the steel rail (sold separately). Ideal for packing tall items such as umbrellas. Fold down front for easy clothes transfer. Easy clothes transfer between wardrobes. Temporary Wardrobe for Theatre, Modelling and Photo Shoots.

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375mm Wide Bubble Wrap

50m roll of bubble (375mm wide), perforated at 50cm intervals for easy tear off on the go. Dimensions Length 50 m Width 0.375m

Ideal for on the job usage, no need for knives.

Tear off as much as you need.

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Economy Tape Dispenser and Tape

Ready to use tape and dispenser combination. Dimensions Length 40 m Width 50 m Weight 0.30 Kg

Easy to use tape dispenser and cutter.

Bonus two rolls of 50m clear packaging tape included.

Sharp cutting blade to easily cut tape.

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Pistol Grip Tape Dispenser

Easy to set up and use with comfort grip handle Dimensions Length 0.24 m Width 0.16 m Height 0.075 m Volume 0.4 m 3 Weight 0.40 Kg

One handed use - comfort grip handle.

Safety feature - red hat blade cover.

Available in varying widths.

Static cling strip will retain the tape in the upright position

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48mm x 75m Tape

Long standing performer in box sealing. Dimensions Length 75 m Width 0.0480 m

Excellent adhesion to cardboard.
High strength and split resistant.


Closing Boxes.
Taping off Plastic Furniture Protection Covers.

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